Volume One: #whywehunt

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Volume One: #whywehunt

Volume One: #whywehunt

We hope you all had a successful turkey season! Here is a short story submission from Joshua Linn talking about his son Niswi Sky Linn's first turkey:

Once he found out he was able to go, he started practicing. The 20 gauge shotgun would rock his shoulder with every squeeze of the trigger. Though the recoil hurt a bit he powered through it cause he was going turkey hunting with his dad. He knew dad would only let him go if he was comfortable and dead-on with his aim. So he squeezed the trigger again. Once again the target was peppered with shot. He was ready.

For several mornings he eagerly awoke from his warm bed. He knew that there was no guarantee that today was the day he would harvest his first turkey, but he dressed as fast as his sleeping limbs would allow him.

Once set up in the blind he could hear the forest wake up. The frogs, the song birds. Then, a crow sounded off, instantly he heard the sound of a gobble then another. His heart started to beat faster. As dad hit the call they gobbled again and again. As he looked across the field he saw them in full strut. They were coming his way, and his breath began to be short as the adrenaline pumped through his body. Something wasn't right, they came towards the decoys and held up 20 yards out of range. As they strutted past and out of range he heard his dad whisper "dang," but that is hunting sometimes.

After a couple more mornings of watching the sunrise and hearing the distant gobbling of far of toms, dad told him that they were going to try a different area.

The next morning came and they started their way through the woods. It was early, but the east sky was already starting to silhouette the trees. They got settled in the blind and made sure he could shoot through the openings of the blind. His dad called a couple times, suddenly he saw them, he whispered to his dad. "Dad," and pointed. Here came a hen and right behind her, with all his glory, was a fully fanned out strutting tom. It was already in range, but it was moving back and forth, back and forth with all its feathers flared out. Then it stopped. As he lined up his shot through the scope he quietly asked, "can I pull the trigger?" As soon as he heard the word yes. He pulled the trigger. Boom! It was over, he did it. Niswi and his first turkey.