The Poor Man's Beer Batter Fish!

Looking for a fast, easy, and cheap way to make beer batter fish? Try out today's #SavoryGoodness recipe- The Poor Man's Beer Batter Fish! This recipe would be perfect for a shore lunch or camping- it can be made ahead of time & put in a cooler!

1 can of beer
1 container shake & pour buttermilk pancake mix
2 pounds fish filets
1/2 cup frying oil
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)
Old Bay® Seasoning

1. Heat oil in large skillet (preferably over a campfire)
2. Drink about half the can of beer.
3. Substitute beer for water in the pancake mix.
4. Dip fish in batter & fry in pan
5. Season to taste
6. Enjoy some #savorygoodness!